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Presentation evaluation

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 7 months ago


Attendees: 40 Responses: 22
1. What information was the most valuable to you?
~       Teen business page
~       Teacher’s Resources
~       Fun educational games for kids (without all the ads!)
~       The different websites I never knew about.
~       Info for kids & teacher
~       All was great info
~       The great websites & resources for teachers/parents/kids.
~       Websites to use with kids.
~       Shortened condensed list of the best—thank you for saving me time.
~       Teacher & librarian resources
~       Your website where you’ve put it all together!
~       Websites
~       All
~       All the web sites
~       Websites—I don’t have to find them, you did. Thank you.
~       Primary source site
~       Website URL’s
~       I’m thinking in terms of our home school parents and sharing with them and some parents who go the extra mile with their kids. Good info!
~       Addresses of government web sites.
~       All the websites will be helpful! Great presentations
~       Good information to take back to building level staff
~       The list of sites to take along was great. Thanks for sharing! 
2. What information was the least valuable to you?

~       Statistics--2
~       None
~       Info for parents
~       N/A
~       Had been to several of these sites.
~       Nothing
~       Doesn’t apply—was all good
~       I thought it was all valuable.
~       All good!
3. What is the most effective way to inform/update you about government documents for youth?
~       Listservs—8
~       Websites—16
~       Presentations--6
~       Other: e-mail     
~       Thank you!
~       I enjoyed the variety and number of sites you presented. A few great sites are useful & not overpowering.
~       It helps seeing the sites in the presentations.
~       Very good
~       Very well organized & efficient
~       Great job
~       Needed some of this last month!
~       Thanks for the wealth of info. This gives me links to put on our web site.
~       Great
~       I can’t wait to check out your trails to online website.
~       Good job!
~       Great presentation!


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