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Constitution Day Archives

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Welcome to the Gov Doc Kids Group Constitution Day Archives!  We are proud of our efforts to preserve and promote educational resources and events which enhance student/educator/public understanding of the Constitution of the United States -- one of the most significant working documents ever created.


On this page, you will find links to a number of Gov Doc Kids Group resources related to past/present/future Constitution Day events.  Feel free to contribute ideas for this page by contacting any of the Gov Doc Kids Group Members listed on the Front Page.



Constitution Day 2009 Bookmark [Posters]



Constitution Day 2009 Bookmark [Federal Register]



Gov Doc Kids Group Logo [traditional]



KLA Program Agenda



Presentations - Gov Doc Kids Group.pdf 


Members & Sponsoring Organizations.pdf 


Links to online articles about Gov Doc Kids Group Constitution Day Poster Contest.pdf 


History - Constitution Day Poster Contest.pdf 


Contact Us.pdf 


Articles -- Gov Doc Kids Group.pdf 


About Us - Gov Doc Kids Group.pdf 








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